Membership for 2019-20 revealed

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After the success of our first year’s membership programme, we’re excited to be announcing membership programme for the coming 2019/20 season.

There are a couple of changes that we are introducing:

A cap on the number of SBC Members

Perhaps unsurprisingly, after introducing a booking system for non-Members over the summer, to manage capacity, we’ve had a large influx of enquiries from new players about wanting to sign up for Membership.

Combined with feedback from Members at our recent AGM, we have decided to cap the number of players able to sign up as SBC Members this coming year.

Priority for existing Members to renew

We want to recognise the support we’ve had from existing Members, so they will have first dibs on Membership for the year ahead.

Existing 2018/19 SBC Members are now able to pay their renewal fee of £10, either at a club night or via bank transfer (please message our FB page if you choose the latter, as we have a new club bank account and can share the details there).

For anyone who was a 2018/19 member, your membership is still valid until it expires on 17 September 2019.

New Members wanting to sign up

From Friday 20 September, Membership spots will be opened for new Members to sign up.

Should players wish to sign up to be an SBC Member for the first time, the subscription fee for the full year is £15. 

Players must already be registered with SBC (i.e. have previously played at a club night and filled out a form) and must pay either at a club night or via bank transfer – new club bank account details available by messaging our Facebook page.

Membership is offered at the Committee’s discretion, and players who don’t abide by the club’s code of conduct, may be refused Membership.

Membership perks

The Membership perks for the coming year are being developed by committee members, but early ideas are listed on our Membership page. 

Thank you as always for your support, and we look forward to your involvement in the club continuing.

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