Main club nights

If you’re looking to join our main Wednesday club night for the first time, please read all the below information before proceeding.

Check out our Improvers’ courses and sessions on Friday nights if you are not an experienced badminton club player.

What ability levels can join a Wednesday club night?

Our club nights are usually busy, and are focused on back-to-back competitive play. They are not for providing coaching, or teaching how to play badminton.

It’s absolutely essential before attending that you:

  • Know the rules of doubles badminton, including keeping score, service, and what’s in and out on the court
  • Can play doubles badminton with a partner safely, including communicating with them, and safely moving around another player
  • Are able to comfortably hold a rally with other players, including overhead shots like clears

Who should not attend a club night?

Examples of things that we cannot accommodate at our club nights include:

  • Not playing with a doubles partner safely, i.e. not using communication and correct movement to avoid clashes and near misses
  • Not knowing the rules of doubles badminton, e.g. because you’ve only hit a shuttle around for fun previously
  • Not having an awareness of other players and games on court, e.g. walking across courts while play is underway

This is for the safety and enjoyment of both yourself, and other players at the club.

If you attend but do not meet our minimum criteria, we will recommend you seek alternatives more suited to your abilities elsewhere before attending a club.

Alternatives for beginner and improver players

You should instead:

How are club nights organised?

Club nights involve a mix of men’s, ladies’ and mixed doubles badminton games, organised by trained SBC committee volunteers.

Our volunteer organisers have had training, including Badminton England coaching. We have also seen hundreds of different players play over the years, so are fairly good judges of ability.

At each session the designated organiser will be focussed on directing games, and handing out shuttles. Other committee members and volunteers will usually be on hand to welcome and check you in, and answer any questions you might have.

What kind of games can I expect?

Our main priority is to give everyone a mix of games at and around their ability level, as judged by our coaches. This will include a variety games with players at your ability level, above, and below.

The number and type of games per night will vary depending on the players attending any club night.

Our expectations of you

Our players are fantastic community members, who happily mix and socialise with others, and make SBC a welcoming place to play for all to develop their game.

If you attend our club night, you are expected to mix as instructed, and to treat others with respect in accordance with the Badminton England player Code of Conduct that you signed up to upon registering at SBC.

Feedback and requests

As organisers we welcome feedback and requests for particular types of game. We’ll try to accommodate requests within reason. For example, you might request more mixed doubles games if you have a match coming up and would like some practice.

However a mixed social club night is not the environment to provide games customised to an individual – we would advise you organise your own private session if you only wish to play with specific players

Zero tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour

We have a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour at club nights. Examples of this include:

  • Not engaging with games you don’t like – club organisers and coaches are more objectively able to judge your ability than you are, so please respect them and other players
  • Pressuring organisers on club nights – we try to ensure all our players at the session have the best experience possible, so are balancing the needs and wishes of everyone in attendance
  • Not following instructions – club nights are organised by our committee volunteers – do not invite yourself or others on court or rearrange games, equipment, lighting etc unless you’re asked to do
  • Only wanting to play with certain players or friends – if you wish to only play with specific players please instead organise your own private session, rather than attending a social club night
  • Aggressive or intimidating play – while we welcome competitiveness, SBC aspires to a safe and friendly club atmosphere

We’re volunteers giving up our time for free to put on sociable, competitive, and low cost badminton for others. We may ask you to leave if you do not co-operate with instructions or display anti-social behaviour towards organisers or other players at the club.

Safety at club sessions

We ask players to observe some simple safety measures for the enjoyment of all players at our sessions.

Before playing

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for badminton, i.e. indoor court shoes and sports clothes.
  • Bring your own bottle of water.
  • Do not attend if you’re feeling unwell.

While playing

  • Be aware of where your partner is and call shots that go between you to avoid collisions.
  • Refrain from smashing directly at opponents who are at the net.
  • Don’t look behind you if a shuttle has passed you to avoid being hit in the face, and be aware of your partner when passing the shuttle to the server.

Off court

  • Don’t step onto or near another court while a point is in play – if you need to retrieve a shuttle wait until the point is over.
  • Don’t cross courts while moving about the hall.
  • Keep bags and other belongings out of the way, i.e. not blocking walkways or near courts.
  • Inform the organiser of any health and safety issues like drinks spillages, issues with equipment, or if you feel unwell.

What do I need to bring?

Bring yourself, a racket, sports clothes and a bottle of water. We do not rent or lend rackets to players.

Only non-marking shoes are permitted inside our sports hall – such as indoor badminton or court shoes. If your footwear is not appropriate, you will be asked to change it.

We use feather shuttles at our club nights, and they’re provided within the cost of the club night.

I am or my child is under 18, can we attend your club night?

We generally welcome young people aged 16+ with decent badminton experience (as above) to our club nights.

You must be fairly confident playing on your own with others, mainly adults. Please bring a parent or guardian along to your first session so they can meet a committee member and see how the session is run.

We are an adult-focussed club, so aren’t suitable for younger or inexperienced juniors, or for teaching or coaching the sport. Instead you should research junior-focussed clubs or training that will better suit your needs.

How do I join a club night?

When you book for your first club night, we’ll ask you to fill out an online registration form with some key details. We’ll keep your information safe in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our club nights cost £7 a session, payable in advance on Eventbrite. No joining fee for the year. Turn up, bring your own racket, play.

Main club nights | Portsmouth High School

Our main club nights are Wednesdays, 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Portsmouth High School, Sussex Road, Southsea, PO5 3EX


Entrance to Portsmouth High School on Sussex Road

Finding Portsmouth High School’s sports hall

From the car park, face the main reception building and follow the red brick path and black railing round to the right of the building.

Go through the gateway in the wall on your right hand side, following the sign for the sports hall.

The Bannell Centre sports hall is on the opposite side of the playground, and you should be able to see the entrance on the left. Changing rooms and toilets are upstairs, should you need them.

Parking is free inside the school car park an on surrounding roads, but can be busy so we recommend walking where possible.