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Currently no club nights are running due to COVID-19, in line with Badminton England guidance.

Read our plans for returning to play

March 2021

If you’re looking to join us for the first time, here are the answers to some regularly-asked questions:

What ability levels can join a club night?

Our club nights are usually very busy, and are focused on back-to-back competitive match play.

We do not provide coaching or teaching how to play the sport at our club nights.

It’s essential before attending that you:

  • Know all the rules of doubles badminton, including keeping score, service, and what’s in and out
  • Can comfortably hold a rally in a game
  • Understand how to safely play doubles matches with a partner, including communication, and movement
  • Understand how badminton club nights work, as they are more competitive than social play with friends

This is for the safety and enjoyment of yourself, and all the other players at the club.

If you do not meet the above criteria, we may recommend that you instead attend a nearby No Strings session for beginners to get some practice in.

How are club nights organised?

Club nights involve a mix of men’s, ladies’ and mixed doubles badminton games, organised by SBC committee members.

We aim to give everyone a mix of games at and around their ability level, as deemed by our coaches.

As organisers we welcome feedback and requests for particular types of games. However all players are expected to mix in respectfully as directed, in accordance with the Badminton England player Code of Conduct that they signed up to upon registering at SBC.

We are volunteers giving up our time to facilitate sociable, competitive, supportive and low cost badminton for others in our community, and we ask that you treat us with the respect you would also expect in return.

At each session a second volunteer will also be on duty. Their job is to take attendance, register new players, take payments, and support with general administration and organisation. Look out for the person with a red folder and registration list!

What do I need to bring?

Bring yourself, a racket, sports clothes and ideally a bottle of water. If you don’t have a racket, you may be able to hire one from the staff at Wimbledon Park Sports Centre. We do not rent or lend rackets as a club.

We provide feather shuttles at our club nights.

I am or my child is under 18, can we attend your club night?

We generally welcome young people aged 14+ with good badminton experience (as above) to our club nights. You must be confident playing on your own with others and abide by the same rules as everyone else. Please bring a parent or guardian along to your first session to sign a consent form for you to participate.

We are an adult-focussed club, so aren’t suitable for younger or inexperienced juniors, or for teaching the sport.

However we may able to recommend suitable local clubs or sessions children are able to play with their peers. Drop us a note or ask a committee member at a session if you’d like to know more.

How do I come along?

When you arrive for your first club night, we’ll ask you to fill out an online registration form with some key details. We’ll keep your information safe in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our club nights cost £5 a session. No joining fee for the year. Turn up, bring your own racket, pay £5, and play. We take contactless and cash payments.

We play every Monday night (excluding bank holidays), at:

Wimbledon Park Sports Centre
Taswell Rd, Southsea, PO5 2RG

Wimbledon Park Sports Centre in Southsea is our main home venue. There’s a car park outside, with free parking after 8pm, as well as plenty of bike racks. Changing facilities, showers, toilets, and tap water are also available.