Join the committee

SBC is run by a group of volunteers giving up their time to steer the club on behalf of its members

How do I stand for committee?

To stand for committee, you must be an SBC Member. You must then attend the AGM, usually in August or September, and put yourself forward for the role you are interested in.

The Members present then vote for the candidates, and if successful, you are on the committee!

Benefits of being on the club committee

  • Looks great on your CV
  • Offers personal development opportunities, including organisation, event planning, courses and other skills
  • All club night events are free to attend, providing you’re added to our organising rota
  • It’s a lot of fun and feels good to be giving back to your community

What does being on the committee involve?

Each committee role comes with it’s own responsibilities and expectations, as set out in the club’s constitution.

However to give you an idea of what’s involved, here’s some more info about how the committee is structured and run:

Committee roles 2023/24

  • Chair – Acts as a spokesperson for the club, and chairs committee meetings. Has a deciding vote in the event of a tie.
  • Secretary and Membership Officer – Organises committee meetings, updates to the constitution, and manages membership.
  • Treasurer – Oversees the finances of the club, including recording income and outgoings.
  • Communications and Socials Officer – Responsible for club communications, including the website and other promotion, and for organising socials for club players.
  • League Officer – Organises club league teams and fixtures, supports team captains, and represents the club at league meetings.
  • Development Officer (new for 2023/24) – Oversees the progression of players, ranging from the Improver Club Nights, all the way through to the league. Leads on the organisation of the Improvers’ nights and assists the League Officer where necessary.
  • Welfare Officer – Safeguarding lead for the club, and oversees health and safety.

Roles can also be job-shared where it suits the candidates to do so. Some flexibility around sharing and swapping responsibilities is encouraged, to reflect that committee members are volunteers with other responsibilities in their lives, and to support everyone to continue to be involved.

Full details of each committee member role can be found in our constitution.

Committee meetings

Committee members meet every couple of months to discuss what’s been going on and to take decisions on what’s coming up. This can be everything from the appointment of team captains, to organising events and socials.

The committee meets around 4 times a year, and meetings last around 2 hours. Meetings are scheduled at times that that most can make, and a small stipend is available for expenses such as simple refreshments.

After committee meetings we normally update the club’s players about issues discussed at our meetings, via our news section, and on our communications channels.

Organising club nights

Committee members share a rota for running club nights and organising games. Currently we have two club nights a week which are shared out. Committee members are also a friendly face and helper at club nights, welcoming new players, checking in players, answering questions, and helping set up and pack down. Any committee members who help organise club nights is entitled to play at club nights for free.


Where training is needed for the club’s goals – such as first aid, safeguarding, or coaching – and where funds permit, the club can support the costs of committee members reaching the requirements.

Keeping in touch with other committee members

The committee keep in touch via a private message group, with occasional emails. We also have access to shared cloud storage for important files and collaboration.