Join the committee

SBC is run by a group of volunteers giving up their time to steer the club on behalf of its members

How do I stand for committee?

To stand for committee, you must be an SBC Member. You must then attend the SBC AGM, usually in August, and put yourself forward in accordance with the constitution.

The Members present then vote for the positions, and if successful, you are on the committee!

What does being on the committee involve?

Each committee role comes with it’s own responsibilities and expectations, as set out in the club’s constitution.

However to give you an idea of what’s involved, here’s some more info about how the committee for 2018/19 was structured and run:


Committee members meet every couple of months to discuss what’s been going on and to take decisions on what’s coming up. This can be everything from the appointment of team captains, to organising events and socials.

Last year the committee met about 6 times, and generally the meetings have been scheduled on evenings that most can make, and a small stipend goes towards expenses such as refreshments and transport.

Club nights

Ideally committee members help out with running club nights, either in the form of running the sessions and putting on games, or assisting with the administration. These are shared out on a rota as fairly as possible, and generally committee members will do each about 6-7 times in a year.

Anyone who organises club nights is entitled to free club nights for the rest of the year. Anyone, committee member or other volunteer, who does the admin is entitled to the rest of their club night for free.


Where training is essential for the club’s goals, such as first aid, safeguarding, or coaching, the club can support the costs of committee members reaching the requirements.

Keeping in touch

The committee keep in touch via a private message group, with occasional emails. We also have access to shared cloud storage for important files and collaboration.