Badminton myth #1 – Rotation

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In the first of a new series, our Development Officer Matt busts some of the common myths in the game.

When playing ‘front and back’ the woman should always stay at the front

“This is a common myth, which not only hinders everyone’s development and enjoyment of the mixed game, but can in fact be dangerous on court.

“Anyone staying at the front of the court by the net when defending, is at risk of being injured from a fast-flying shuttle from the other side of the court.

“Whether playing ‘levels’ (men’s doubles or women’s doubles) or mixed, when defending you and your partner should be positioned side by side on the court. You should take a defensive positions after a player on your side lifts or clears the shuttle to the other side of the court.

This way you’ll be in a position to defend the shortest / fastest shot that can be be played, usually a smash or a drop. Once you’ve defended and won back the attack, you then move to an attacking front and back position.

Here’s a clip of Linda Efler training before the China Open, which shows good defensive movement”

– Matt Main, SBC Development Officer

Busting other badminton myths

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