March updates from the SBC committee

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Every three months, the committee meets to discuss ideas for improving the club. We welcome feedback and comments from players at club nights about how we can run the club better and many of these ideas are then discussed at this meeting. 

As well as your verbal suggestions, our club survey is also a great way for us to collect and discuss ideas. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in our 2021 player survey; you can view the results here.

Latest updates from the SBC committee

Appointment of a joint Social and Communications Officer

The committee discussed the proposal of appointing Hayley Cook to join the committee as an Acting Joint Social and Communications Officer. All committee officers voted in favour of the additional role to support and guide the committee as well as look after social and communications with the currently elected-role, held by Lianne de Mello.

Potential for a second club night

The committee all expressed their opinions on the idea – as mentioned by players in our player survey – of a second club night. We agreed that more information is needed on how this might work, and discussed at the next committee meeting for further consideration. 

Volunteer incentive scheme

The committee discussed the possibility of introducing a volunteer incentive scheme for any players wishing to get more involved in helping out with the club. While there isn’t yet a mechanism in place, the committee is exploring volunteering opportunities for those who would like to help.

Eventbrite multi-purchases

Unfortunately on Eventbrite you can only purchase one club night session at a time. The committee explored how players might be able to purchase multiple sessions in one go. 

Unfortunately there’s limited flexibility in the system and players would have to commit to qualifying club night sessions in advance. 

The committee decided that, with little financial savings and additional complication for players, this is just too complicated to manage. We decided to continue with the existing method of club bookings. 

Internal social tournament

We’ve been exploring ways to bring in a bit more of a competitive element into club nights, and so a one-off fun, mini tournament was presented. Items were considered and the committee all voted in favor of this trial, one-off tournament, to take place on Wednesday 27 April. Full information on how this works can be found in this article.

Constitutional updates

The committee will be looking to amend the club’s constitution. Changes will be voted on at the committee meeting prior to the membership ratification at the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) due to take place in July. 

We’ll let you know more about how to get involved with the AGM in the coming months.

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