Club night price changes

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From 1 March 2023, booking onto our club nights via Eventbrite will cost £7 per person. 

Sadly this price change is necessary to reflect the increased court, shuttle and Eventbrite costs to our club over the past year. We also expect these costs to rise further in the coming months. 

We always want to avoid increasing prices for players, and so the club has been absorbing these rising costs for some time now. However, to remain sustainable and continue to offer a welcoming and flexible place for players in the community to play each week, we have to review and adjust our pricing.

We hope that players agree that £7 for 2 hours of badminton still represents good value and that it remains low cost compared to the alternatives.

Member benefits

SBC Members will benefit from a price freeze through purchasing Club Event Vouchers for club nights and match fees – check your emails for information sent yesterday.

Please note that these price changes are separate to the Improvers’ Course we have been running, which are priced independently to our club nights. 

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Communications & Socials Officer at Southsea Badminton Club