Internal summer league

SBC’s first internal league takes place this summer.

The internal league is an opportunity to play competitively against other Men’s, Women’s or Mixed pairs at our club. 

We hope the matches will give people experience of playing consistent games with a partner and will be enjoyable as well as competitive.

How does it work?

We have four box leagues for the internal league; two Men’s, one Women’s and one Mixed. There are 20 pairs taking part in total.

Registrations for the league opened in June with almost 30 people signing up. Everyone has been allocated to at least one of four box leagues – two Men’s, one Women’s and one Mixed – and players who signed up as individuals have been allocated partners.

Unfortunately not everyone who wanted to play Mixed have been able to, due to the different number of male and female players, but everyone has been allocated to at least one league. 

Box leagues

Men’s Group 1123456Score
1Johnny Malynn & Darren ReynoldsX0X00
2Hadjie Pascual & Daniel Foster2XX24
3Elliot Wheeler & Matthew Hill – withdrawnXXXXXX0
4Dan Lennox & Alex Upcott-Gill0XX00
5Johnstone Tapkey & Alex ToddXX00
6Zac Soliman & Diwakar Redhu2X22X6

Men’s Group 21234Score
1Russell Andrews & Laurie GouldX123
2Fraser Munnoch & Morgan Lowther2X2
3Ravi Thyagarajan & Peter JonesX00
4Chris Morton & Ka Ho Chui (Sam)12X3

1Gillian Tetlow & Diana AirimitoaieX00
2Gillian Gould & Danielle Todd2X226
3Lindsay Merry & Cordelia Evelyn-Edwards0X00
4Georgina Diffey & Hayley Cook02X2

1Cordelia Evelyn-Edwards & Fraser MunnochX0X00
2Hayley Cook & Russell Andrews2XX002
3Diana Airimitoaie & Alex Upcott-GillXX000
4Georgina Diffey & Matthew Hill – withdrawnXXXXXX0
5Gill Gould & Elliot Wheeler22XX26
6Gillian Tetlow & Morgan Lowther222X0X6

Play matches

Pairs will play against other pairs in their own box, booking a court and organising matches outside of club night. Pairs will play the best of three games up to 21 (2 points clear).

We suggest booking a court for an hour and splitting the court hire cost and shuttles between the four players. You can find player’s contact details in the internal summer league WhatsApp group but if you’re having any issues organising matches, please speak to us.

Matches should be played in July and August, ideally by these dates:

  • Round 1 – by Thursday 20 July
  • Round 2 – by Thursday 10 August
  • Round 3 – by Thursday 31 August
Men’s Group 1 and Mixed (6 pairs)
Round 1Round 2Round 3

Men’s Group 2 and Women’s (4 pairs)
Round 1Round 2Round 3

Submit your scores

Once you’ve played each match, please submit scores through this online form

How are the winners decided?

There will be one winner per box league, which will be calculated by the total number of games at the end of the summer.

Important dates

  • Saturday 1 July – internal summer league begins
  • Thursday 20 July – you should aim to ideally play round 1 of matches by this date
  • Thursday 10 August – you should aim to ideally play round 2 of matches by this date 
  • Thursday 31 August – end of the internal summer league – all matches should be played by this date
  • September – winners will be announced

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the internal summer league, email us or speak to either:

Tom Mundy, League & Development Officer
Hayley Cook, Comms & Socials