Club Event Vouchers

Certain SBC players can use Club Event Vouchers to bulk-buy their places on club nights and match fees, at a cheaper price.

Vouchers are purchased through the club’s SumUp store, which is more cost-effective for both us and you. You’ll receive voucher codes that can be used in the checkout on Eventbrite.

As an example, club nights booked through Eventbrite cost £7 per person. However SBC Members and Improver session attendees can buy 10x vouchers for £60, working out at £6 each.

How the vouchers work

  • Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your voucher code.
  • When booking onto a club night or match on Eventbrite, use the promo code section to redeem one of your vouchers.
  • You have six months to use your vouchers before they expire.
  • League players who purchase their tickets through SumUp will be offered the single payment option of £6.00, unless they choose to pay for their fees through Eventbrite in which case, the price will remain at £7.00. 
  • Vouchers aren’t valid for special events like socials.