October Club Update

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Welcome to the first monthly updates from your club, Southsea Badminton Club. We’ll be bringing you a monthly update on all the items that we, as a committee discuss to give you an insight into some of the improvements we’re working on to make your experience more engaging, further developed and enjoyable. The latter is the most important.

Update on the new app trial

We recently explained the trial of a new app to organise and manage our club nights. The committee decided to temporarily suspend the testing of Court Manager which groups players waiting to go on court, and we wanted to explain why.

Due to a couple of technical and logistical issues, we suspended the app trial period and will resume at the club night session commencing on Monday 22 October. We’ll follow the same testing strategy we originally outlined to see how well it works for the committee, the members and our regular pay-to-play players.

Trialling an app to organise games

Committee running club nights

Traditionally our club nights have been run by Owen Devine. We feel this has always worked well for us and the players alike but, we’re looking to expand the organisational duties.

The committee voted for the implementation of a weekly rota, where there will always be a lead organiser and an assistant to run each club night.

The lead organiser will be responsible for grouping the games together while the assistant will deal with the administration, including the collection of club night fees. The two committee members running the club session will be identifiable with a “C” green armband

Over the past two weeks, committee members have started to shadow Owen to learn how to organise sessions. Overall we hope this will upskill committee members, better distribute the responsibilities among the committee, and allow Owen to join in with the club nights.

Shuttles used at club nights

The committee voted that our club nights will use the same shuttles that we intend to use for league matches.

Being a not-for-profit club, it’s in our best interest to invest in the greatest possible resources that benefit our members. With this in mind, we’re looking to review the various different shuttles we could use at our club nights.

It’s really useful for us to know if there are shuttles that you felt worked well for your game, as well as those that impeded your ability to play. At our club nights, we’re welcoming feedback on all the shuttles you experience over the next few weeks, so please do share your thoughts with the organising committee members at the club nights.

We hope to update you with news on the shuttles we select in our next update.

Shuttle at SBC club night

New registration forms and communications

Many of you will have filled out a new registration form. Even if you played at the club in it’s previous iteration, it’s really important that you complete a new sign up form when attending our sessions. This is to make sure we have up to date information for everyone, particularly in relation to health and safety and privacy and data protection preferences.

We now also have a club WhatsApp group that provides weekly communications about club nights, socials and league matches – please make sure you let Lianne know if you’d like to be added

There’s a lot more behind-the-scenes work going on to improve your club night experience as well as league matches. All of these will be announced in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to our news section or our Facebook page for the latest information and you have any questions, please do speak to us at our next club night!

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